Arjuna’s Quest

This episode is from [Maha:3.36-3.40]. Though Bheema outwardly affected to despise Karna and to belittle his prowess in battle, in reality he had a very deep respect for the skill of that son of Radha. It was well known that the armour of Karna was of celestial origin. It was also generally believed that he … Read more

Arjuna Weds Subhadra

When Arjuna had been a disciple in the hermitage of Drona, he had formed friendship with Gada, who belonged to the Vrishni house. (The Vrishni’s were a part of the Yadava Clan.) He had described the beauty of his cousin Subhadra who was Krishna‘s half sister. She was the sister of Sarana. Hearing the description … Read more

Alternate Account of Kartikeya’s Birth

[This story is from [Maha:3.222-3.230]. See ‘Birth Of Kartikeya’ for the more well known version of Skanda‘s birth. Long ago, a war raged between the Devas and their half-brothers, the Asuras. Purandara (Indra) was at a loss to know what to do, for the Asuras had grown very strong with the help of divine boons, … Read more

Ahalya and Indra

This is the story of how Indra came to be cursed by the sage Gautama, for his act of adultery with Ahalya, Gautama‘s wife. Indra was also a claimant to the hand of Ahalya, when she her father had arranged for a swayamwara for her. In the end, she chose Gautama to be her husband.

Aditya Hridayam

The Aditya Hridayam (आदित्य हृदयम्) is a hymn praising Surya (the sun). It is a part of the epic Ramayana. It comes in the 107th chapter of the Yudha-Kaanda (Book of War). Rama is exhausted and despondent, overcome by doubt of his prowess on the battlefield, during his battle with the demon king Ravana. The … Read more

The Slaying of Madhu and Kaitabha

This story is from [Devi:6.1-9.85] Long ago, when the whole universe was filled with a great ocean, Vishnu was sleeping on his bed of Adisesha, floating in the middle of the ocean. From his ear wax, two Asuras named Madhu (मधु) and Kaitabha (कैटभ) were formed. They fed on the ocean-water, and grew strong. The … Read more

Mohini Avatar and the Kurma Avatar

There was a bitter feud between the two sets of half-brothers, the Devas and Asuras. They were engaged in an eternal conflict, with neither side able to score a decisive victory. The ranks of the dead were swelling on both sides. At last, an uneasy truce was brokered. It was agreed that both sides would … Read more

Story of Hayagreeva

This story is from [Devi:5.1-112]. Long ago, Vishnu who is also known as Janardhana, had waged a war lasting sixteen thousand years with the Asuras. At the end of the battle, overcome with fatigue, he went to sleep, in a standing posture, with his head supported by the tip of his peerless bow. As fate … Read more


Once the vitality of sage Bharadwaja spontaneously emerged from his body. He stored it in a container. The son born from that container was named Drona (In Sanskrit Drona=container). He was sent to the hermitage of a learned Brahmana named Agniveshya to learn the scriptures. At the same time, the young prince of the Panchala … Read more


From [Rama:1.3-1.8]. Long ago, King Dasharatha, descended from Ikshvaku, of the Surya (solar) dynasty, ruled over the kingdom of Kosala, from his capital city of Ayodhya. The city was flanked by the river Sarayu and had been built by Manu, the son of Surya, who founded this kingdom. Kosala was one of the richest kingdoms … Read more