ApamNapat – Agni, The Son-of-waters – Indian Mythology

अपां नपाद्

ApamNapat is the lightning form of Agni, the son-of-waters. In Sanskrit, Apam means ‘Of the Waters’ and Napat means ‘son-of’. Thus, Apam Napat is “Son-Of-Waters”. He is invoked separately in [R.V.2.35] and incidentally elsewhere. Brilliant and youthful, he shines without fuel in the waters which surround and nourish him. Clothed in lightning, he is golden in form, appearance and color. Standing in the highest place, he always shines with undimmed splendor.
Steeds, swift as thought, carry the Son-of-Waters. In the last stanza of [R.V.2.35], he is addressed as Agni. In other places, Agni is addressed as Apam Napat. However, there are a few places, where there is a distinction made between them.
In Persian mythology, ApamNapat is exclusively a water god, unrelated to fire.

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