Yami – Twin Sister of Yama – Indian Mythology


According to the Rig Veda, Yami is the twin sister of Yama. Their mother is Saranyu (who is the daughter of Tvashta, the artisan God) and their father is Vivasvant (associated with the sun). She is extremely fond of her brother.
There is a dialogue [R.V.10.10] between her and Yama, where she expresses her love for him and invites him to her bed. He rejects her advances, saying that “The Gods are always watching us, and shall punish the sinful.” She is heart-broken.
In another story, Yama finds the way to the land of his fathers. He voluntarily choses death, and becomes the first man to die. Yami could not stop crying, so great was her grief. When the Gods tried to console her, she replied, “How can I not mourn, for today is the day of my brother’s death!”. To cure her, the Gods created night. From then on, night follows day and the cycle of time began. This story is cited as an example of the power of time as the healer of grief.
According to some of the later Puranas, she is actually the wife of Yama, not his sister.

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