Vasishta – Perceptor of the Ishvahu Clan


Vasishta is the chief of the SaptaRishis, the seven great sages. He is the preceptor of the Ishvahu clan, which is also refered to as the Surya dynasty. He was thus the guru of Rama and Rama‘s father Dasharatha. He is the son of Brahma and is his ManasaPutra (Wish-born-son).

His wife was Arundhati, who is one of the stars. In a typical Hindu wedding, there is a ritual where the bride is made to gaze at Arundhati in the heavens, emphasizing Arundhati‘s role as an ideal wife. Some accounts also say that the wife of Vasishta was Urja, a daughter of Daksha.

Vasishta also posesses the divine cow Nandini. This cow is the offspring of Indra‘s cow Kamadhenu, and was given as a gift to Vasishta by Indra. Like her mother, this cow is also capable of yielding anything desired by a seeker. Vasishta is also famous for his struggle with Vishwamitra for being the greatest sage of all time.

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