Site History

2023/03/14: Site was part rebuilt

2023/01/01: The site was lost and the domain expired

2005/08/07 : Added the 200,000th word.

2005/04/29 : Changed the color scheme and font size. Added a section for “Featured character” on the home page.

2004/11/25 : Added the 100th article, ‘The Journey of the Princes’ from the Ramayana. There are more than 160,000 words of content in this collection.

2004/11/06 : Moved articles about texts such as Ramayana, Mahabharata to the citations section. Started counting citations as part of word count for the site.

2004/10/22 : Normalized spellings through out the site. Replaced th by t and dh by d in most cases. Spellings should now match other sources.

2004/10/01 : Converted site to UTF-8 encoding from ISO-8859-1. Enhanced sitemap with “search style” snippets.

2004/09/25 : 50 Article milestone reached.

2004/08/24 : Indexed with search.

2004/08/10 : Added Devanagari transcription.

2004/07/19 : Added “last modified” links to index page.

2004/07/14 : Added W3C validation, Sitemap.

2004/07/13 : Switched to version control using subversion.

2004/06/28 : Site created