Vidura – The Wise

विदुर Vidura was the son of sage Vyasa and a servant girl of the princess Ambika. Asked to host the Vyasa for a second time (for she had closed her eyes the first time, and the resulting child was born blind), Amba was so disgusted, that she sent her servant girl instead. Since the servant … Read more

Vinda – Prince of Avanti

विन्द Vinda was the prince of Avanti. Along with his brother Anuvinda, he fought on the Kaurava side during the great battle of Kurukshetra. Both of them achieved many great feats of bravery on the battlefield. Anuvinda was first to fall, slain by Satyaki of the Vrishnis. Enraged, Vinda challenged Satyaki to single combat, but … Read more

Vikukshi – Ancestor of Rama

विकुक्शि Vikukshi is a King of the Solar dynasty. He is the son of Kukshi and the father of Bana. Rama is his descendant According to B.P., Vikukshi was sent to fetch meat for the sacrifice to be performed by his father. While hunting game, the prince was overcome by hunger and ate some of … Read more

Vinata – A Daughter of Daksha

विनता Vinata is a daughter of Daksha and was married to the great sage Kashyapa. She is the mother of Garuda and Aruna. When she lost a bet with her sister Kadru, she had to become her slave. Ultimately her son Garuda delivered her from slavery.

Virata – The King of Matsya

विराट Virata was the King of Matsya Kingdom, adjacent to the Kingdom of Hastinapura, and their traditional foe. He had two sons, Shweta and Uttara, and a daughter named Uttara. When the Pandavas had to spend the thirteenth year of their exile incognito, they chose to take up service with King Virata, disguising themselves as … Read more

Vishnu – The Protector

विष्णु Vishnu is the protective aspect of the supreme trinity. He is the entity that is most often involved in mortal affairs. Some say he was created by Shiva, others say that he arose out of the cosmic void. Laxmi is his consort. His abode is Vaikunta. He is usually depicted as resting on a … Read more

Vaikunta – The Abode of Vishnu

वैकुण्ट Vishnu‘s abode is Vaikunta, whose entrance is guarded by the two Gandharvas Jaya and Vijaya. Here, Vishnu is sleeping on the body of an enormous thousand-headed serpent called Adisesha. The serpent is floating in a sea of milk. Vishnu‘s wife Laxmi is by his side, pressing his feet and lulling him to sleep.